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about us

Phone Cash Mobile Payment Inc. 2005
Equity, ISIN CA71920W1077, WKN A1C9BY, PHC:GR


The company has chosen to stop trading and delisted itself from the exchange in Frankfurt
The company no longer supports the Frankfurt Exchanges and no longer supports Germanys economic plan for Europe.

Phone Cash Mobile Inc. was a Firm listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Phone Cash Mobile Payment Inc

The firm was listed November 24th 2010.



RIOTS – crisis – troubles – worrys
you need to get paid or pay someone fast.

PhoneCash Mobile Payments COMING SOON

WAR, inserection, coups, standoffs, police actions, government crackdowns, civil unrest, military actions, blackouts, economic collapse and catastrophe, disasters, floods, acts of god, earthquakes, tsunamis, meltdowns, aliens, man made acts or terror, crisis, emergency’s, protests, revolts, revolutions, regime change, shortages, rebels, air strikes, conflicts, threats.

PhoneCash protect your assets

ATM network meltdown
bank closed
government shuts down
emergency’s and crisis

electronic digital money for the 21st century.

unhook from a broken CORRUPT system and prepare for something bigger thats coming.

dare to prepare…

BARTER TRADE SELL – using phonecash
dont be a slave to the broken system, the evil system
that has made 99% of people miserable and trapped.
unhook from their system and come play with ours.

transacting electronic commerce in the 21st century
stop and think, why do you need banks? governments? institutions
when the leadership is corrupt and the system is unfair
declare your independence today.

take a stance and stop using banks, coprorations and unhook
from a broken system that has lied cheated and is corrupted
start using phonecash today.

when all else has failed – give phonecash a chance
were at the heart of change!

mobilize – monetize – unhook from a broken system
use phonecash for the 21st century.

barter – trade – sell – buy
using phonecash.

you cant trust banks, you cant trust the leaders, your not a servant or slave to broken promises, take a stance and use phonecash today.

when all else has failed – phonecash is there working for you.

phonecash is more than a payment system
phonecash is a safe secure electronic money system for the 21st century.

come play with us in our sandbox
the other one is a bad – our game – our world is much brighter.
when al else fails – phonecash is here waiting for you.

Occupy Wall Street is leaderless resistance movement with people of many colors, genders and political persuasions. They Are The 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the Evil 1%. They are using the revolutionary tactics to achieve their goals and encourage the use of nonviolence to maximize the safety of all participants. They follow the Einstein Institute modus.

OWS vibrates with activity. In every corner of the many occupied Squares people are organizing against corporate greed, refusing to be afraid, to be silenced. The local community center, the nearby atrium, the surrounding parks and cafes pulse with working groups planning actions, coordinating with community groups, engaging with the press, supporting each other, and strengthening solidarity within the movement. They are growing change in the shadow of the wealth, greed, and thievery that has become prevalent on Wall Street.

The plastic in your wallet is about to go the way of the typewriter… the VCR… and the 8-track tape player…

You can join them — but you must act now…

Given that recent headlines have been dominated by the European debt crisis, Occupy Wall Street protests, and the staged – perhaps – death of despots and those purported to be villians, you probably haven’t heard much about the rapidly growing “revolution” that’s quietly sweeping across the globe…

It’s already changing the lives of hundreds of millions of people everywhere from Hamburg to Hong Kong, Spain to South Korea. And now it’s about to hit our shores in a major way. Electronic payments – money will be accepted as common place using your mobile phone.

In fact, industry insiders now estimate that this “crazy idea” will turn into a reality over the next three to four years…

The PhoneCash Story…


A commitment to open trade – open ideology is deeply embedded in the philanthropic and capital goals of Phonecash. The Internet – mobile apps are causing us to rethink how commerce is conducted, and phonecash is at the forefront of presenting easy to use, secure services.

“We are an idea whose time has come” A deep sense of commitment to fairness, integrity and honesty has made Phonecash reliable, and trustworthy.


Your own hard earned commerce is being placed in the hands of an unknown Internet – mobile – fiduciary agent – account somewhere. How do you know if your commerce/trade/barter/exchange will be secure and conducted properly?

You would like to know who is behind this service.

Recognizing that these are questions that need to be addressed properly we at Phonecash have the following response:

If you sense or feel uncomfortable with this sort of service, never use it. This is not for you.

This service is not for everyone, in truth, this service appeals to less than 3% of the people in the world currently,
from several countries – as people are escaping from persecutions. Others for a variety of reasons who refuse to participate in the current economic or monetary systems available and failing today.

The company is well founded.

Having processed billions of dollars electronically without incident since 1995, Warren B. Eugene has been written and talked about often, Mr Eugene has accomplished and contributed much to Internet commerce and privacy.


On a sabbatical in 1999, Mr. Eugene provided his credit card to a hotel. This is standard practice upon check-in; however, in this case, funds were misappropriated from his account. He was upset and angry. Frustrated and swore that he would do something about it.

New bank practices have given the merchant carte blanche to remove from one’s account any monies they so choose, without contractual agreement or one’s signature. It is then up to the merchant to relinquish funds that are on hold or discharged. Banks shun this responsibility, placing the consumers in sometimes awkward, frustrating and unresolved situations. In an unknown fact, banks do not have fiduciary responsibility to customers, only to the shareholders of the bank…

When Mr. Eugene learned that banks have no policies in place to protect consumers against such fraudulent practices, he was infuriated. He realized that thousands of people are unwittingly bilked daily. Upon confronting the bank, he was met with opposition and nonchalance. In short, the bank refused to take action.

Most citizens do not have the time, energy, nor inclination to take on the banking industry, and many consumer advocacy groups readily admit these problems. However, they do not have the financial wherewithal to tackle the situation.

Mr. Eugene has found that this is common practice, and felt he must originate an alternative for individuals who have been defrauded, cheated, or mistreated by banks. The result is Phonecash, a new opportunity. We have a commitment to treating clients with respect, consideration and integrity.

MrECash will provide safeguards to protect personal assets. Mr. Eugene sourced exceptional economic minds, and thoroughly researched the entire banking industry, with the help of banking experts.

He observed that the system was in disarray and in need of a make over. MrECash provides easy to use access ignoring mercurial traditional banking procedures. Costs are much lower, and savings to clients are generous.

Furthermore, Mr. Eugene experienced the incongruencies with respect to foreign exchange – the ever changing credit card transaction policies. Banks focus on their profit margins, and often lose sight of their own clients.

Realizing that banks would do nothing about this, and change their unfair practices, Mr. Eugene decided that something had to be done to protect consumers and offer them choice. This was the catalyst for the launch of phonecash.

On a warm, breezy, spring afternoon in Monaco, 1995, Mr. Eugene attended an outdoor luncheon with International dignitaries, Royalty and journalists.

Professor David Chaulm, founder of DigiCash, and Dr. Zimmerman, founder of PGP – Pretty Good Privacy were present. The group had been invited to address the Imagina Conference in Monaco.

Their conversation focused on opportunities that the Internet could provide global citizens, the conversation extended to the commercial banking industry. The three agreed that with their combined talents, they could instigate remarkable change to the world commerce and the banking industry. This meeting of the minds ignited the spark for the creation of phonecash.

phonecash mobile payments – unhook from the reedy banks and poor leadership

phonecash is there when the lights go out and the ATMs go down and the banks and system collapse.


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    this is the potential Phonecash client, Mr. Sarnike is praying that the hard earned 3,000 he has saved and entrusted to PhoneCash™ will be delivered to the doctor at the hospital who will then perform his nephew’s delicate operation. He has chosen to unhook from a broken banking system run by crooks and warmongers. He Continue Reading

    Eddy White, technology
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    a potential client will say, i unhooked from banks and financial services years ago i have no debts and i trade and conduct my international and local commerce using phonecash. i did not support the government or banksterism. ATM network meltdown bank closed government shuts down emergency’s and crisis Phonecash is there helping you get Continue Reading

    Bill Russel, busnessman
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    PhoneCash Mobile Payments coming soon WAR, inserection, coups, standoffs, police actions, government crackdowns, civil unrest, military actions, blackouts, economic collapse and catastrophe, disasters, floods, acts of god, earthquakes, tsunamis, meltdowns, aliens, man made acts or terror, crisis, emergency’s, protests, revolts, revolutions, regime change, shortages, rebels, air strikes, conflicts, threats.

    Mia Smith, lawyer - advocate