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Testimonial #3

this is the potential Phonecash client, Mr. Sarnike is praying that the hard earned 3,000 he has saved and entrusted to
PhoneCash™ will be delivered to the doctor at the hospital who will then perform
his nephew’s delicate operation. He has chosen to unhook from a broken banking system run by crooks and warmongers. He no longer supports a system that has failed and is unfair. Thats why he made a choice and stood independent and switched to phonecash.

Mr. Rodriquez has been traveling and had all his possessions stolen, he is in
trouble, in a foreign land, he is abroad, without a penny to his name. He feels hurt,
isolated, vulnerable and weakened. He is frightened, worried and needs our help. Phonecash works on his mobile phone when the banks wont let him in. When he went to the bank they told him to go away. The ATMs were broken, not reliable and charged excessive fees, as did the money transfer company. He unhooked from the system because he does not support greed and corruption, he choose phonecash

There has been an incursion, an
insurrection in a country, the banks are
closed, the power is cut off and the military
is in control. Phonecash works.

They are denying access to
travel, our customers are stalemated.
Transactions are impossible, lifestyle is in
jeopardy, quality of life circumvented, yet
life as expected must continue and so must
international trade and commerce. Phonecash is present and working.

mobile networks are still operational.
PhoneCash™ is their alternative lifeline – a
safeguard to ensure their lives. “It may
have just bought their freedom”.

A business man in Baku must get
money across the border. It must be
seamless. It must be confidential.

His deal
depends on it. He knows that the banks are
not secure; he knows that the Western Union employees are not providing full

There is a breach in security, communications not secure.
PhoneCash™ provides that competitive advantage, as he truly is guaranteed.

PhoneCash™ is his solution.

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PhoneCash™ is a legal, reliable “new money” electronic monetary system. It is a helpful, inexpensive, reliable, legal and safe money transfer service. “We’re making a positive difference in millions of people’s lives. PhoneCash™ is available always. As long as the Internet is up or the mobile phone networks work phonecash is there for you